Short Film


1. Title of the Film: WHO IS NEXT ?

2. Name of the Director – Mayur Kachhadiya
3. Name of the Company – Grinmation Studio/Institute Web/Email: /
4. About Director –

Director of this film Mr. Mayur Kachhadiya, is the Director of Grinmation Studio and Grinmation Institute as well.

Mayur is born and brought up in Ahmedabad. He is attracted to media field since childhood. He has also worked with many groups for dramas played in assembly and streets.

He has done certificate course in Animation Filed. He has worked professionally in animation studios and worked on south indian movie projects.

His main areas of interest are Animation, VFX and Film making.

WHO IS NEXT is the first attempt from Mayur in the filed of Film Making. He has worked on almost all the ares of film starting from script writing, story boarding, location hunt, casting, production, direction, post-production, vfx, editing, dubbing etc.

On the personal front, Mayur is highly energetic and fun loving person. He is always available for project and in case of need. He virtually works 24 hours for projects.

At Grinmation Studio, Mayur is working on different projects like 3D Visualizations, 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Animation Films, Animated study materials for students, 3D Biology presentation, Ad Films, Movie Projects etc. Grinmation Studio has done good project in recent past and have gained reputed position in considerable small time of 2 years.

At Grinmation Institute, Mayur is preparing the next generation of media artist ready to work in the demanding world. He is taking much closer interest in the education and dedicated to provide the best education in the most innovative ways.


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